Iowa Plastics

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Iowa Plastics is your first choice for having something built to last out of recycled plastic.

We carry black and white HDPE plastic
in a variety of sheet thicknesses and also hollow or solid lumber. The majority of our sheets of plastic on hand have UVI (Ultra Violet Inhibitor) for outdoor use. Our HDPE plastic resists stress cracks, corrosion, absorbing harmful bacteria and most chemicals, and also has low moisture retention.

Easy to clean and sanitize, it maintains that “new build” look longer. HDPE plastic has high impact strength as well as high tensile strength. Our white plastic sheeting has a high light reflectance value which makes it perfect for any facility. Royal Blue, Yellow, Navy, Red, Gray, Teal and Green colors of HDPE plastic sheets are also available for special order:

We carry Ag-Tuf, a plastic sheeting that resembles the look of corrugated steel. It comes in a strong rib pattern that will match most steel profiles for easy cover-up or repairs.


We are able to repair many of the plastics you use day to day. From poly tanks for sprayers, tractor fuel tanks, corn head snoots, plastic truck liners, radiator fan shrouds in vehicles and so much more.


Our sheets of plastic are perfect for:

  • Wall protection in:
    • Wash bays
    • Garages
    • Dairy barns
    • Equine facilities
    • Dog kennels
    • Hog barns
    • High moisture areas
    • Etc.
  • Custom fabricated dog crates, dog doors & inserts
  • Poly panels for Multifan
  • Cattle foot bath
  • Shelving
  • Tool/carry-all boxes for ATV’s
  • Pig sled
  • Live well tanks
  • Signs
  • Counter tops
    (FDA approved food grade available upon request)


This list is only limited by our customer’s imagination