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Our knowledgeable service team, which has 30 plus years of experience, can help you with almost any issues you face in a hog barn.

Call us today at (712) 722-1462 or after hours at (712) 441-6099 for any of the following issues:

  • Curtains – repair or replacement of fabric, machines, pockets, pulleys, etc.
  • Fans – blades, motors, shrouds, panels, and shutters
  • Inlets – replace strings, weights, and recalibration
  • Controllers – Expert, Varifan, and Phazon complete models and replacement parts, as well as reprogramming (re-chipping) some controllers
  • Alarm systems – Sensaphone and AgriAlert complete models and replacement parts
  • Plumbing – water lines, sprinkler & soaker systems, water cups, and drinker nipples
  • Heating – repair or replacement of propane lines, brooders, and heaters
  • Medicators – new, used, repairs, and parts
  • Feed System – motors, augers, halo, prox switches, feed line, and boots
  • Bulk bins – chain/cable, lid, ladder, feet, cement anchors, and rings
  • Entry – door hinges, latches, minor door repairs, or complete door replacement
  • Interior improvements – replace steel ceiling with Ag-Tuf, replace glass-board, remove and replace outdated/worn aluminum or PVC coated plywood with sheets of plastic
  • Gating – repair feet, gates, and custom fabricate replacements to fit your specific needs