Kevin’s Nursery – 4800 head



Barn Specifics  50′ x 201′
Type  Nursery
Pig Space  4800 head
Head Pens 30
Flooring Faroex Polygrate Gro-More Flooring
Gating Thorp Nursery gating, vertical bars, and black bottom to reduce draft (includes 20-year warranty)
Wall Fans  5
Pit Fans  2
Inlets  4Double L
Controller  Expert VP18
Bulk Bin  4 Choretime
Feeders Thorp Stainless Steel Flip to Clean Dry Feeder (includes 20-year warranty)
Waterers  Water cups
Medicators  4 Stenner Econ
Heaters LB Heater – 250BTU
Brooders  N/A
Ceiling Aluminum
Walls Bottom 4′ is HDPE Plastic